Episode #67 – Why is it important to brand yourself?

When I think of branding I think of Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc..

These are big brands, so why is it important to brand yourself online?

Well people join people. They don’t join companies, products, or services.

You are your brand, and it’s the most important thing you will do online.

Start a blog, get a twitter, linked, facebook, instagram, and youtube channel.

This will be your branding centers. So once set up, just start creating content.

The more content you put out there the more branding you are doing.

Now when people are ready to jump into internet marketing they will know you are the guy/girl who will help them succeed.

So always remember this. No one cares about your network marketing company because there are thousand of them.

No one cares about your products because there are thousands of similar products.

People care about what you can do for them. And if you are having success then they will want to follow your success.

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