Episode #69 – How soon should I start building a list?


Today, Yesterday, Right Now!!!!

Your list is the most important thing you own. And I am talking about an email list.

A facebook list, or any other social media following is not a list. Why? Because you don’t own it. Your list is a database that can be taken to any autoresponder.

If you want to most your friends list from facebook then you are out of luck. Facebook owns your list.

Ok now that I have bang into your head the importance of a list. How can you build one you ask.

You need to trade something of value for an email address. And the best way is to create a pdf report or video.

Ask for an email and give them the report or video. Use a service like leadpages.net or clickfunnels.

Then after you get the email follow up with them using a service like Aweber or Getresponse.

And finally blast out as much traffic as you can to your new lead capture page.

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