Episode #71 – I have leads but not getting any sales how can I get more?

The success formula online is getting high quality traffic, and then converting that traffic into sales.

Your funnel should look like this…

Traffic to a lead capture page, and then follow up with a sales message.

Getting traffic and leads is the easy part. It’s getting the leads to convert into sales that can be the tricky part.

And it all comes down to how your funnel is set up. What is your follow up, are you up selling a product, offering coaching on the backend..

But let’s start with the first thing you offer your new lead. What is the price point? If it’s too high then that may be your first problem with not getting any sales.

I would suggest to lower the price point to $7 – $17

This will let cold traffic that just got on your list into your products at a much lower price point.

Then you can follow up with other offers.

Another thing to look at is how your message is set up. Is your sales page good enough to get people to take action?

If you are new, then I would suggest hiring a copywriter to write the sales letter for you.

And last, look at the traffic source. Is it targeted? Is the traffic looking for what it is you are offering? You will have a hard time converting people looking to lose weight into a business opportunity.

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