Episode #73 – What are your top 3 business kills?

There really is not that many business skills you need online to be successful. Sure you need to be able to turn on a computer and type.

But let me give you my top 3 business skills that have helped me earn 6 figure online.

The first is the ability to create content. Videos, podcasts, blog posts, post to social media. These are all example of creating content that gives value to others.

Im not talking about free traffic or paid traffic here. Because I do both, and both are at the the top of business skills. But more important is branding yourself online. And creating content will do that.

Everyday it requires you to create some type of content to get yourself out in front of people.

Next important skill is going to be copywriting. This is the ability to get people to take action in either an email or sales letter.

How can you inspire people to want to buy your products? Get very good at copywriting and you see conversions skyrocket. And your bank account will also blow up.

The last business and could be the most important is the ability to continue with your business when nothing around is working.

How do you keep going when nobody’s watching your videos? How do you keep going when no one is reading your blog posts? How do you keep going when no one is downloading your podcast?

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