Episode #74 – What products should I be promoting?

Promoting your own products and the products of others will be the quickest way for you to have success. Its sales and sales bring in money.

But what should you be promoting?

The internet has allowed us to bring bring instant everything, and in the world of “have to have it now”, you should be promoting digital products.

Digital products are instant. When someone buys they get it that second.

This creates a win, win for both you and the customer. You get instant commissions, and the customers gets instant products.

In the past before the internet, everything had to be shipped. All products could be ordered but then the customer had to wait.

So unless you have a way to get physical products to your customers then I would stick with digital products.

Because if you rely on another company or person to deliver the products you promote, something could go wrong.

The only complaint you will get with digital products is “I didn’t get the download link”

Stick with digital products that can be delivered instantly, rather than relying on physical products to be shipped out.

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