Episode #75 – Is it possible to make quick money online?

Let me ask you this…

Did you learn how to ride your bike quick? How about taking off 10 unwanted pounds from your body, did that come off quick?

Your first house, or parents house, did that get built quickly?

The answer the main question is NO

There is no such thing as quick money online. It’s a myth. It does not happen.

No money is made quickly without months and even years of list building and relationship building.

So what ever you are doing stop chasing the next shiny object. When you do that you never get any traction. Nothing ever takes shape into a real business online.

Now, let me say this..

When you build a huge list, and can send a message to that list. You can then make quick cash. But it’s only after you build the list.

Most people want to make the quick cash without going through the process of building a real business.

So start building your list and you can then get to the point of quick cash daily. But not until then.

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