Episode #76 – How can I pick the right niche?


Picking the right niche is actually very simple. And I want to explain how, but first let’s talk about the 4 top niches.

Insurance, Dating, Weight Loss (fitness), Business Opportunity.

These are the big 4, but why these four you ask?

And this is the part that I explain why finding a niche is so simple.

Here is the formula. You ready?

Find a niche with a lot of buyers.

Where there are buyers of products or services. That is the place you want to be.

Don’t try and jump into a niche because you think it’s going to be good. Sure you might be passionate about Gardening, but how many buyers are in that niche?

If you want to make money stick with the niches that people are pulling out their credit cards for.

If you want to have hobby online, then go into the niche you are most passionate about.

For me, I want to go into the place that people are ready to buy my products and services.

And that is one of the top 4 niches above.

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