Episode #79 – How can I use kindle books to build a list?


Ah yes, the old Kindle book market place. It’s HUGE!

And that means you can take advantage of it.

Here is how…

Simply create ebook using word doc, put it in the correct format for kindle. Then upload it to the store.

Every 90 days you can give away your kindle book for FREE.

Then after the week is up you have to charge the minimum of $2.99

But that FREE week is the magic.

Inside you kindle book have a link to a “Mobile Responsive” landing page and give away something of value.

That week is where you will get the most leads. And since that week is the place that all the lead generation happens, why not create enough kindle books that you always have a FREE week going?

Every 90 you can put your book back up for FREE, people download it, read it, and then click on the link inside you book. They are sent to a lead capture page and Walla! You now have a new lead for FREE.

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