Episode #80 – What are the biggest mistakes you have made in your business?


It’s been close to 20 years that I have been working my online business full time. I have been grinding it out for that long.

Oh yes there were some high times and a lot of low times. I would say a lot more low times.

But since the past 2 years I have eliminated the low times. Now its consistent success.

And with all the ups and downs in my business there are really 2 mistakes over the years that I fixed 2 years ago, but wish I would have not made them for 18 years.

The first mistake I made was not building my list. Email and social media.

Since social media only came on the scene about 8 years ago, I should have been building my email list. And I was not, so I suffered.

Once I told myself that building my list was more important than anything else I will do, that is when things started to happen.

The 2nd mistake I made was not getting over the fear of spending money on traffic. We have to advertise our business daily and spending money on advertising is something that has to be done.

The mistake was that I couldn’t separate out the emotion of spending the money on traffic and the fear. I was scared to pull the trigger for a long time.

Sure I would buy traffic, but it would be here and there.

Now I buy traffic everyday. Somedays I spend a ton and others just a little. But now I dont have the emotional baggage like I used to have.

So my hope for you is that you start building your email list now, and spend traffic on daily basis with no emotional fear.

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