Episode #81 – What are your 3 top Tips for email conversions?


Great question and this deserves a great answer…

Email is the best thing you will do for you online business and long term success. But there are 3 tips that can help you get more opens, and more people clicking on your emails.

The first and should be the most obvious is the subject line. This is what people see first. And this is the part that people will either decided to open it up or trash it.

So it has to be good…

I use headlines that work for direct mail. Do a search for “great copyright headlines” and find the ones you think will work the best.

Here are some examples of headlines templates I use.

How To Discover The xxx That Lies Hidden In Your xxx
How To xxx Even When Your Not xxx
How To Buy The xxx Of Your Dreams
How To xxx Minute by Minute

Every day I look at my huge list of headlines and then pick one. Change out the “xxx” for my own content, and boom it’s out to my list.

The second strategy for great email conversions is the body. This is the text you write and get someone to take action.

Your whole goal with the body is to get your user off the email and onto your offer page.

Dont make the mistake of writing long winded emails. They don’t work.

Short and sweet always work. Have a little curiosity with your words, and then a link to click.

Get your user off the email and onto your sales page. No selling in the email.

Ok so last and this could be the first thing that will help your email marketing and that is consistency. Yes it’s true, you have to mail daily.

The people on your list are also on 5-6 other email marketing gurus list. So you have to get in front of them. And the way to do that is to mail a lot.

As long as you have your unsubscribe link someplace on the email then I would not worry about mailing daily. If someone does not like your email they can unsubscribe. That is why you have to be updating your list all the time.

Lets recap,

Your subject line needs to get people to open your email.
The body need to get people off your email and to your offer.
And emails need to go out daily. Consistency is the key here.

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