Episode #82 – How do I market to other countries?


Most of the online marketing I see is all going after the countries that speak english. Maybe the english speaking countries buy more, or there are more english speaking people in the world.

Either way, promoting products or services in other countries (non english) can give you an advantage.

Why? because less competition.

But it takes a bit more extra steps to get your information out there.

First off, lets take example the country France. If you have a product and want to promote to this country. Then you can jump to the search engine page one, very quickly.

Because there is no competition.

But first you have to translate all your sales and lead capture pages into the French language. And I am not talking about using google translate. That will never work.

I’m talking about finding someone online who actually lives in France, grew up there and knows english. That person would be the best to translate anything you have into the correct language.

You can find people like this all over, fiverr.com, upwork.com, and even going to facebook groups.

Im sure that you could find someone who lives in the country and knows the language.

I actually wouldn’t even hire someone if they spend 10 years in college learning the language. A first language person like english who knows a foreign language would not fully understand.

When you do find someone who grew up with the language and english is their 2nd language. You found a goldmine.

So now just get your stuff translated and start promoting. Boom you will be in the top pages of search engines quickly.

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