Episode59 – What is the best way for me to learn copywriting skills?

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I remember as a kid my parents would always get these 15 page sales letters in the mail. I guess they were on a lot of marketers mailing lists.

These sales letters were so good that I was ready to buy.

Sadly the days of mail are behind us, but that does not mean you can’t find these letters and learn from them.

If you want to learn copywriting skills, start with the old direct mail pieces that came in the mail. A lot of them are digitally uploaded online. Just search “direct mail pieces”

Or search “Gary Halbert Letters” you will learn a ton from him.

But don’t just read them, hand write them out a few times. I know it sounds like work, but it will really put in your mind the flow.

And that flow is what will increase your conversion online by as much as 30% increase.

If you are struggling to convert people then its time to learn the skill of copywriting.

Oh and go buy and read every book from Dan Kennedy…

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