Episode60 – How to write effective follow up emails?

Your email list will be your number one source of traffic, and the place you will get the most money from.

So you have to treat your list right. It requires you get new people all the time to your list (daily) because unsubscribes happen all the time.

And you have to mail regularly, once a day is ideal.

So when you know how to setup your email list the right way. Then what is the best stuff you can write to your list?

You could go and buy a bunch of books on effective email marketing, but 2 of the best ways that I have to make my emails more effective…

Project the people on your list into the future and paint a picture of how there life will look when then buy product or service. This is one way.

The other way is to use the formula, Problem, Agitate, Solution.

What are the problems people are having in your niche? Talk about those problems, and really agitate them.

Then give a solution. Your solution is the product or service you have.

Use these 2 solutions and you will see your emails start to have way more effect.

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