Episode61 – What is the best way to encourage new leads?

When you get new leads that come into your system these are actual people with real needs. Most are looking for solutions and hopefully you have that.

But how can you encourage leads to take action?

And I mean action as in registering for your opportunity or purchasing your product.

Your leads want to know that you will show them solutions to their problems. The best to do this is show your leads how your solution is helping you.

If the problem is the need to make more money. Then show your leads how you are making money. It does not have to be millions, is can be how you are making $20 per day.

As long as your solution is helping to solve a problem, and you can show the lead, then you will get people to take action.

If you do not have any success yet, then talk about the person who introduced you. Or the product owner. How is it working for them. Tell their story first until you can build up your own story.

Encourage by taking action and then documenting your results. You can do this with videos, blog posts, social media. Anything to show your success.

Once you do this, then your leads will be encouraged to take action.

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