Expand Your Social Media Marketing Audience to 2.5 Million In 10 Minutes

15 Years ago if you wanted use social media marketing to reach 2.5 million  people with your message, your only choice was to either pay google for ads, or optimize your content to get on page one of the search engines.

Today we have social media, and a few big players that control the market.

Sure you got twitter, but they are struggling to get new users. There is Instagram and snapchat who are getting the attention of so many young people.

And then you have Facebook and Youtube. As asocial media marketer and one who wants to get their message out. These 2 are the ones I always recommend people focus everything they have.

Why, because they are the most grounded with a core base of users. The other social media platforms are up and down, and can move whenever something new comes along.

So how can you take a small group of people who like and trust your message and turn them into 2.5 million in less than 10 minutes?

Using facebook lookalike audiences.

If you are on top of your social media marketing game, and I know you are.

You would have placed a facebook pixel on your website and started to build an audience. You also would be collecting emails that can be used to build an audience inside of facebook.

Ok, look, all your customers are on facebook. And youtube, but I’m only focused on facebook for now.

Since your customers are on facebook, it only makes sense to take that small group and expand them.

You could try and figure out why they like and down like, or you can let the lookalike audience tool from facebook do it all for you.

Start with your customer list. If you have 1,000+ emails. Take them and upload them inside your business.facebook.com manager area under custom audiences.

Once you get the audience, it’s time to create a lookalike audience from your customer base.

You might ask, why would I want to do that? Give facebook my customer list. Because they can take your small list and turn it into 2.5 million in about 10 minutes.

It might take you years to build up an audience of 2.5 million. But facebook has so much data on everyone that they can build a new audience with that small group super fast.

Now all you have to do is just run a small $5 daily add to that group and watch the traffic and sales come pouring in.

You can also take the traffic coming to your website and lookalike that also.

And if that wasn’t super cool. You can take a video you uploaded, create an audience of people who watched 50% of the video. Then turn around and expand that to 2.5 million.

Imagine 2.5 million people who would be interested in your offers, and who are more likely to watch 50% or more of your videos.

It’s crazy to think how targeted you can get, and how you can grow and audience without spending any money doing it.

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