Finding the write traffic sources

Here is a list for ya. Facebook traffic, Google+, Articles Marketing, Blog Marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, Youtube, and Google SEO.

That is a good list and all of them work. But what do you choose to spend your time on?

All of them,… but lets step back a bit and do some technical work and make sure you are spending your time in the right places.

Yes you could spend all your time on all of these traffic sources, and in the next few years you could still be trying to find the right traffic source with nothing coming in.

So how would we figure out what is the best. Lets track it. Then we can see what is working and what is not.

Your traffic strategy must have a call to action leading people away from that traffic source and into your lead capture page. Someone will enter their email address and be redirected to a thank-you page.

On the thank-you page will be a small peace of tracking code. This will give you the data you need to find the right traffic source.

If you are spending your time on all 10 sources and only 3 are pulling in the leads. Well then you guessed it. Stop spending your time on the other 7 and focus everything you have on the 3 that are working.

When your just starting out looking for the right traffic source, your going to have to do some detective work. And that will require a lot of effort up front until you can pull out your tracking day.

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