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I was watching the TV show “GoldRush” on HDTV the other day and I noticed something so obvious but the guys digging for gold just could not get it.

They have the spot they want to dig for gold and it’s spread out over hundreds of acres of land.

It’s a big area…

And they have a ton of machines digging all over the place. One guy is digging on the hill, the other guy is digging in some valley, and then one other guy is digging on the edge of the river.

They are all over the place, and guess what?

They are not finding any gold.

The gold, and your affiliate riches online need to be focused on ONE area.

free traffic to affiliate link

Getting free traffic to affiliate link requires focus and discipline.

I know you want to go out and find free traffic to affiliate link from all kinds of sources.

You have facebook, twitter, youtube, Pinterest, blogging, Instagram, and a whole bunch of other great places to dig for free traffic to affiliate link.

So if you are trying to get free traffic from all those sources. You’re just like the guys on goldrush digging all over the place.

To get 100% free traffic to affiliate link, the secret is to pick ONE traffic source and hammer away or dig away until you find the gold.

Once you get ONE source bringing in free traffic every day then, and only then you can move on to another source.

I made this mistake myself, and it keep me broke for a long time.

It wasn’t until I started to focus on ONE source that I was able to get free traffic to affiliate link and start to earn the kind of money I wanted.

Youtube was the source that I focused on the most. Because Google owns youtube, and google wants to promote your videos way more than anything else online.

That means youtube will promote your videos both in the video search, and will also give you higher placement inside the search engines.

So you could outrank website in the search results that have been there for years.

Videos will always outrank regular website all day long.

I spent a good year building up videos and then was able to branch out to creating blog posts.

Once my main traffic source was in place, it was simple to start up another. Because I could leverage the traffic from youtube to my blog.

Now I have 2 sources that drive free traffic to affiliate link and that brings in some serious money every month.

Give it a try, work on ONE traffic source, hammer away at it until you see results you want. Then move on to another.

But never move on to another source until you first get the one driving free traffic to affiliate link.

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