How to get More Leads and Sales from Facebook Marketing


Right now the biggest audience and the best way to grow your online business is using Facebook marketing.

Over 2 billion people are now a part of facebook and growing.

And guess what?

Facebook gives you all the data about your audience that interacts with your content.

Why is that such a big deal?

Because when you know the data of your audiences, you start to see patterns of what works, and what does not work.

So when you start creating more content around what works, that is how you make your Facebook marketing work for you.

Your audience wants and needs may be different than what you think, but the only way to know exactly is to look at the data from Facebook.

Maybe you’re thinking, why would they give me all this Facebook marketing data for free.

The data is free for 2 reasons.

One is so you create content that is of huge value to your audience,

And the other is so you will spend money on their platform with Facebook ads.

Either way, you will win

The Facebook marketing tool that I use is the built in insight tool.

On your fanpage look at the top menu for the insight tool option. And in your business manager for Facebook ads, look for the insight tool option from the drop down menu.

The number I look at the most inside my Facebook marketing data is the “Engagement”. This is the content that people really like because they are engaged with it.

When you’re first starting out you just want to create content in a wide range of topics inside your niche. Then look at the data and start to pull out the content that people are interacting with.

Over time you will start to see a pattern of about 4-5 topics that people really like.

So then you can start to create more and more content around those topics.

Just go deeper with each topic, and pull out ONE thing that you can talk about.

When you look at your data you will get the best idea of what your audience wants.

Then when you give them more of what they want. You get more sales to your products or services.

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