Get More Clients Even If You Suck At Paid Traffic and Technology

You ever feel like in order to actually hit your income goals with getting new clients that you have to become some internet marketing guru to make it happen?

You know what I mean…

You think you gotta be some Facebook Ads ninja, get leads for $0.50 each in order to make a profit, have complex software programs doing everything for you & then have to SELL people.

That’s probably why your not getting the amount of clients you want every month so you can take care of your lifestyle.

If you feel like you gotta do a bunch of stuff you DON’T want to do – your brain will hold you back from doing it.

And rightfully so..

Who wants to have to grind Facebook for cheap leads, CLOSE CLIENTS into working with you & then spend your days mastering software tools you pay a fortune for?

Not me…

That’s a disaster waiting to happen and the exact reason why your stuck.

Your brain goes into overwhelm and you don’t know what to do.

So you do more of what you don’t like to do cause it’s A LOT easier then figuring out this new stuff you don’t want to do.


That was me.

I made my business so complex and over-complicated that I could not even figure out what I was doing.

I have more tools, complex stuff & ninja tricks going on then I knew what to do with.

It was taking me almost AN HOUR a day just to check my stats, analyze what was going on and make changes.

And yet I was going BROKE!


And that is the problem these days!

A LOT of the strategies for getting more clients require you to have the skill equivalent of a Superbowl winning NFL quarterback like Tom Brady.

But your a COACH NOT a tech guru or some ad expert and you SHOULD NOT have to become some world class expert at 25 different things in order to get clients.

There is really only a few things you need to be good it and it’s all within the right system.


The better your SYSTEM is – the WORSE you can be at all the stuff you don’t like doing (ads, sales, tech grunt work).

So if your system is a disaster – you are going to be forced to become some guru with ads, sales and tech stuff.

And then you spend all your time learning that and never get around to growing your coaching business.

So – if you want to leverage a proven system that takes the load off your back so you can be the world class COACH you know you can be then lets fix this:

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