How to Get Super High Quality Website Traffic for FREE

Just as important as having high conversions is having quality website traffic.

I mean really, high quality website traffic is how you get high quality conversions.

They both go together.

One can’t work without the other.

Getting any old traffic and tons of it is super easy. Go to adfly and you can get all you want.

But it would be worthless.

Website Traffic

Quality website traffic is only found where people hang out together and talk about a common theme.

Example would be facebook groups. That is a place that people will hang out together and talk about whatever challenges there are having.

So it would make sense that one great place to find quality website traffic would be in facebook groups.

When people come together and talk about the challenges they are having, they are also looking for solutions.

Now I am not saying you should join a thousand groups and start spamming your link in all of them. Amateur marketers do that, and they don’t last in the group very long.

I’m talking about starting a facebook group of your own around a common challenge that people have. “Weight loss for men over 50” “Golf tips from the Pro”

You can come up with any group you want. But make sure it’s around what you believe in, and can offer a service to sell.

Start your facebook group and get the word out about it to others who you think would benefit from the group information.

Your group will start of slow, but eventually you will start to pick up some momentum. As new people come in, and start posting content. More and more will join your group.

Just make sure you keep an eye on who you let into the group.

If you see someone that is also in 500+ other groups. Don’t let them in, because they are just going to spam your group with there amatuer marketing links.

Also keep an eye out for who posts inside your group.

Some members will get in, wait a few days, then start spamming.

Keep the group clean, fun, and it will grow.

Ok, you ask, how do I get quality traffic?

On top of your group is a header image. You can use that as a “call to action” button. Once someone clicks on the image a description comes up. Inside the description you can offer some type of free gift, or giveaway for an email.

Your group will have the highest quality website traffic because everyone is likemeinded. So selling your service is going to be super simple.

Now all you have to do is get your facebook group going and moving forward.

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