Getting Big Ticket Clients Frustrating and Holding You Back?

Remember the housing bubble back in the 2000’s?

It seemed like EVERYONE was buying, flipping and selling houses. It was easy and pretty much anyone who could get a house could make a profit.

It seemed like it was the “new new”.. Never going to stop and just keep going forever.

The music stopped and sadly, a lot of well meaning people were left with a lot of debt and problems.

The coaching/consulting industry is doing the EXACT same thing right now but WORSE..

It seems like EVERYONE is a coach or a consultant these days..

Every market is full of people coaching and offering consulting or done for you services.

And it’s not a bad thing. It’s a great way to help people in your market and make a lot of money.

But here’s the reason why this out of control train will not stop.

Barrier To Entry…

There is none!

Pretty much anyone can call themselves a coach/consultant or do “done for you” services.

And if you have a cell phone you can setup a Facebook Ad and now you are in business.

So if you feel like it’s hard to get people to click your ads, reach out to you and then get them to move forward with you – your right…

And it’s only getting WORSE!

Here’s Why:

With all the advancements in technology online – it’s getting easier and easier to get traffic to your site.

It has to be that way because all the major traffic sources are public companies or have HUGE investor funding.

So they have to make it easy so you can give them more money.

And if you think it is hard now to get high ticket clients – wait another year and it’s going to be 5 times worse.


If you do things the right way you can actually set yourself up to OWN your market and get all the high ticket clients you want and never have to worry about people flooding into your market.

Just getting more traffic, increasing your budget, hoping things workout is a strategy for DISASTER and will cause you to get BROKE & CRAZY clients who do not value you.

There is a very simple 3 step formula that I’ve been using for YEARS that is working better now than ever for getting traffic & high ticket clients!

In fact, this year is going to be my 4th RECORD year in a row for income in my business & it’s pretty much all cause of this one formula.

You deserve better… Your not doing this business to “hustle” at a bunch of networking events just to get a bunch of email addresses OR run some ads that only brings you people who want to “think about it” and talk to everyone they know before working with you.

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