Getting more clients with ONE simple fix

You ever feel totally overwhelmed with all the things you can and should do to get more clients?

It feels like it’s a never ending list that keeps getting longer every time you open your email or check Facebook.

Cause there is always a new product or idea you have to try right now or else…

And if your anything like me – you fall for it every once and a while…

“This is it! I need this new software thing so bad… It’s the one thing that will fix my coaching business…”

Or whatever it is..

I get it!

I buy my share of shiny objects all the time.

In fact – that is the biggest problem… There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF on the market that you can buy to help you grow your coaching business you don’t know where to start.


The problem is this…

You are NOT one new tactic, shiny object or tool away from your next breakthrough.

Getting caught in the “tactical doom-loop” buying everything you see is only going to lead you to having to keep doing it.

There is no way out!

Sure you need tools and training’s, exc…

But there is a bigger issue that is holding you back.

It’s what I call “The Client Getting X Factor”…

You can drop $10k on stuff and still not know what the “X Factor” is AND it IS the most important part of your business.

Without it you can STRUGGLE to grow a coaching business to MAYBE $10k a month…

And with it – you can scale it way beyond that.

It’s how Ray Kroc was able to take McDonald’s to what it is…

The X Factor is your system!

BIG TROUBLE AHEAD (here’s why)

Most coaches think that if they hook together a bunch of software tools they now have a system and should be able to go out and get a ton of clients.

Here’s the thing —> Anyone can make a bunch of software tools work together!

And pretty much anyone can run an ad!

Traffic sources have made it VERY EASY to buy traffic. They have to as the easier they make it for you to buy ads – the more money they will make.

So if pretty much anyone can hook up some tools to get clients & build an ad campaign with your cell phone – why is it not working?

Because your SYSTEM is what is happening BEHIND the tools and the traffic that makes you the money.

Most coaching/consulting markets are OVER SATURATED with people who can use all the tools and build ad campaigns.

But the ones who make the most money and get all the clients are the ones who get the “The Client Getting X Factor”…


It wasn’t but 5 years ago that if you could simply get an ad up – you’d be in the money.

That was the biggest learning curve. It was HARD…

Figure that out and your ad was up and you were getting clients.

I remember those days…

Problem is – technology got better, easier and cheaper.

Now traffic sources have made it SO EASY to get ads up that EVERYONE in your market is running ads.

So you can’t just compete based on who has the coolest, newest and most expensive software program/tool set.

We need the best “The Client Getting X Factor”..

It’s about the system behind the scenes that makes the money and gets the clients.

So if you’d rather just duplicate everything you see happening online and HOPE it works for you –> Have fun. Just be prepared to work really hard and get bad results.

But if you want to actually fix this, build a rock solid system for getting clients that actually works –> Lets fix this.

Just click the link, let me know a bit about your situation, will book a strategy session and figure out how you can start getting more clients fast:

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