Getting Overwhelmed & Harder To Get More Clients?

If you are getting clients you have probably done the math on the work it will take you to add an additional $10k to $30k per month to your business.

And quite frankly it’s depressing.

If your working 40hrs a week (and thinking about it another 40hrs a week) and only making $5k or $10k a month – how do you plan on doubling your business?

It’s not possible without becoming a total slave to your work. And that will create all kinds of other problems you have to deal with.

I know – I tried it for you. Lost all my hair I was so stressed out.

So what do you do?

If you are like most coaches, you go and buy more information & tools.

Basically – read more stuff that complicates your business even more & get more tools that will cause you even more stress and overwhelm.

So instead of getting more clients and having more time freedom in your life – you now have less time, less clients, more information in your head you don’t know what to do with and some more tools that charge you a fee every month.

But somehow eventually if you just find enough tools, read enough stuff, get a lot of traffic and pile on a lot more clients – your coaching business will hit $50k a month and you will be living the dream life.

Since when does more tools, information, overwhelm, a lot of low ticket clients, loads of traffic & endless time on the hamster wheel equal a great life for you?


You don’t have to live this life.

The biggest reason your business is not growing is because you don’t know the clear path.

If you don’t know exactly where you are going in your car – it’s going to take you forever to find the place.

Same with your coaching business.

If you don’t know the exact laser focused plan to add an additional $10k to $30k a month to your coaching business – you will never hit it.

In fact, you will likely go backwards over time.

It’s a process! And when you know that process it actually makes your life more simple. Less moving parts, less information & less technology.

I was more stressed out making $10k to $15k a month and worked WAY HARDER, seen my family less & thought about work MORE vs now where I make A LOT more.


The “Big Money With Small Amounts Of Clients” Blueprint I use.

It’s the fastest way to scale your coaching business without a lot of clients, traffic & overwhelm.

Hey – if I can do it – YOU have no excuses.

How much longer do you want to struggle, waste your time, money & energy on overwhelming yourself, taking on crazy clients you don’t like & not building a coaching business that gives you the life you want?


There is only 3 simple steps you need to know to fix this. That’s it!

If you want to add $10k to $30k a month to your coaching business without overwhelm, stress and massive amounts of complexity – lets talk.

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