Getting Your Dream Client With Facebook Ads The Easy Way

I talk to a lot of coaches/consultants about getting clients & you know what the biggest problem most of them all have is?

Getting more bookings on the calendar.

If you are a coach/consultant then you are essentially like a 5 star hotel.

You have a powerful gift, passion and skill and yet your occupancy rate is 10%.

Meaning – if you look at your calendar right now for the next week – how many spots are taken by people who have reached out to you and want your help?

How about this last 7 days? How many strategy sessions or strategic conversations did you have with people who WANT to invest with you into your highest level training/coaching?

So if you want to add another $10k or more to your business every month and your NOT getting people reaching out to you and booking calls with you then it is costing you $10k a month.

That means – if you keep doing what you are doing and DO NOT increase your income by that $10k a month (or more) it’s going to cost you about $120k this next 12 months in lost income.


The simple reality is – your perfect client who is willing to invest with you at the highest level is probably on Facebook right now.

How much longer are you going to wait before you start reaching them with a small paid traffic budget?


There is a simple 3 step strategy for getting your dream client using Facebook Ads and having them WANT to invest with you in your highest level program or service.

It’s 3 simple steps. Has not changed in the 6 years I’ve been doing it on Facebook and the 6 years before that I was using other traffic sources.

So if you are sick of NOT getting clients reaching out to you and wanting to invest with you…

And if you are tired of knowing that every month you are missing out on an extra $10k (or more) in income that should be yours…

And if you want to fix this, start enrolling clients using Facebook Ads on a small budget, without overwhelm and are ready to do it with a simple 3 step strategy – here’s how:

Click the link below, and I’m going to personally teach you this 3 step system that I use to get about 100 strategy sessions A MONTH and how YOU can start getting MORE CLIENTS fast:

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