How To Grow A 100k Instagram Account In 90 Days

You probably know, facebook is the king of social media. And if you didn’t know Instagram is owned by Facebook.

That means they want to try and get Instagram as big as Facebook.

This is great for us online marketers.

It means they want to grow the platform to reach more and more people.

But how do you grow your Instagram account to hundreds of thousands?

I built up my account to over 100k @millionaire_advisor and I would like to give you some tricks to help you get your account just as big.

First off, why would you even want to build up an Instagram account? Well for one it brings in a ton of leads for free. And second, it drives your brand online to new heights.

Ok maybe you are not into the whole branding thing, but leads I know you are interested in.

Growing your Instagram account requires a relentless daily action. And I mean massive action to get momentum going.

Posting at least 4 photos each day. Commenting on other photos, liking other photos, and finding new partners to give shout outs to each other.

Instagram will reward your social media marketing, but you have to put in the work.

And no sorry this can’t be automated. I wish, and I have tried.

This is something you have to do daily. But since we carry our cell phones with us at all times, there should be no excuses to not post each day.

Load up your phone with photos that will inspire people. Remember this is going to be an account you want to build and generate leads for your business.

So inspire people with your photos. Quotes and cool looking photos alway work together.

If you look at my Instagram page @millionaire_advisor you will see that I post motivational quotes. Since I am trying to attract entrepreneurs, inspiring quotes is the best way to attract that type of audience.

You should look to do the same.

Just figure out what your main product or service is, and figure out a way to attract the type of people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Remember people don’t care about your products, and if you post your product images every day, no one will be inspired, and will not help you scale your account.

Get people excited about what you do with your photos and your account will grow.

So you might be asking how can I get leads…

The simple answer is this. Post 4-5 photos, and then 1 photos that say, “Click the link in bio for more info”

Now you can add a bit more, but that will be your call to action photo.

Post that photo for 3 hours and then take it down. Since most of your traffic will come in the first 3 hours that is the prime time. And since you don’t want your page to look like your just spamming with products. Then take down the call to action image so you account looks nice and clean.

And this is how you grow and get leads with your Instagram account.

Now go take action!!

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