How To Grow An 100k Instagram Account Quickly

Over the past year I built up an instagram account to over 108,000 followers


This is a motivational site that I post 3-4 new photos each day.

Are you looking to build up a following on your social media marketing with instagram?

Do you want to build it to over 100k?

Oh wait you ask, why would I want to do that?

If you want leads, you can get a ton.

I bring in between 20-40 new leads every day into my email marketing system.

These are highly targeted people who want to learn more about Internet Marketing.

So basically I get leads for free. No wasted money on advertising.

And this is a good thing.

But growing an Instagram account will take time, and will test your patience.

If you can get through the early stages of your account growth you can make it work.

Yes some people just don’t want to wait.

And that is what I will help you with here. To grow your account fast.

To do that you need to search other accounts that are similar to yours. Try and find accounts that have over 500k follower, and are active.

Important part is active. Look at the last few images they post. If there is a ton of likes, and comments your good. If it’s low, then move on to another account.

Next is to reach out to the admins of these accounts.

Your goal is to get them give you a shout out. But you have to pay for it.

Yes, if you want to grow your account super fast. You have to pay. Now I’m not talking a lot compared to other platforms. But it may cost you $300 for a big shoutout.

It’s worth it, because you will get a crap load of new followers from it.

The admins that run these accounts will never really answer the direct message inside of their accounts. So you have to find out how to reach them outside of instagram.

See if you can find the owner’s facebook account. You can do this by opting into their link in the bio. Then try and figure out how to reach them.

Once you do find them, it’s just a matter of asking for a shoutout and price.

And that’s how you will blow up your instagram account super fast.

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