How To Grow Your Email List For Free


Email Marketing has been the hottest thing since email started. It’s the best way to get in front of your audience on a consistent daily basis.

If you’re not building an email list, it’s time to start now.

If you started a list in the past and quit, it’s time to start now.

But how do you grow an email list you might ask.

Email List For Free

You have 2 options. One is pay for the clicks and emails. Or drive free targeted traffic and build your list.

And so I want to give you a few ways to increase your email marketing list with some free strategies.

But before you continue I must give you some reality here. No hyped up crap you hear from others about push button email list for free junk.

Driving free traffic to build your email list for free takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work.

I mean a lot of time. If your blogging it may take 7-8 months or more to start getting decent traffic. If you are using youtube it could take 6 months to start seeing results.

If Facebook is your solution, it will take time to build up your friends list.

With driving free traffic and building an email marketing list takes one thing.

Building up a distribution channel.

This is the only way to get people on your email list for free.

Now I don’t want to go into the details on setting up a landing page, or your follow up emails.

But I want to give you these 2 solutions to drive free traffic.

One is going to be blogging. It’s the easiest way to get started and does not require much work other than creating content.

What is your niche? What are the topics people are asking about in our niche?

So just blog about what people are asking about. If you’re now sure then use to find questions people are asking.

Once you get blogging going and you stick with it long enough, you will start to see your distribution channel grow. Just make sure you have some side banners leading to your opt-in page.

Also, add some links inside your content to your landing page.

The next big free traffic distribution channel is youtube. The description below the video is a great place to give a link to your opt-in page to help grow your email marketing list for free.

What I do is take my blog post I create each day. Turn that into a video and then put it up on youtube. As my blog grows, and video channel grows, so does my free traffic.

And all the free traffic that comes into my landing page. Well, that is how I grow my email list for free.

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