How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Social Media Marketing

I started an Instagram account just looking to improve my social media marketing over a year ago, and not knowing how much it would have grown.

@millionaire_advisor Instagram account has grown to over 108k of motivated and inspiring people all looking to make positive changes in their lives.

And the one question I always get is, “Tyler how did you grow your account so big””

The short answer is I was consistent.

social media marketing

Every day I post 4-5 photos that inspire and get people to stop and think.

But consistency alone will not be the only thing that will help with growth. And I want to give you a few of the things I found to work the best to help with my social media marketing.

Growing Instagram accounts requires teamwork. The kind of teamwork that you help other Instagram accounts and they will help you.

So one way to get your social media marketing and SEO going strong with Instagram is to find other accounts that have similar follower size.

If you have an account with 10k followers, then find other accounts that have a similar size.

Send a private message and ask if you can do a “shout 4 shout”. Then find a photo on their account, and give a photo from our account.

When each of you posts the photo, you give a shout out in the description. Saying “follow my friends @username…

The username is the account name you are doing a shout 4 shout.

So now what you both are doing is building each other’s accounts. This helps you grow, and the other account you’re working with.

You just have to go out and find others who are just as hungry to grow their Instagram account as much as you. When you do this, your social media marketing efforts will really take off.

Another great way to grow your account is to pay for shoutouts.

Find really big accounts that are similar to yours. I always like to find accounts in the 1million range. Because I know accounts that size can bring in some serious followers.
If you can set aside a small budget each month to pay for shouts you will really blow up your Instagram account.

But you must be careful doing this. Before you pay for a shoutout, look at the account you want to get traffic from. Look at the most recent few photos they uploaded.

Are they getting a lot of engagement? You should see over 20k likes and 500+ comments. If you see this, then you know it’s a good account.

Since there are a lot of fake accounts on Instagram, you have to look a the most recent activity. The only reason you want to make sure is they might not send you real followers.

They could be fake and will not help grow your account.

Social media marketing is one thing that is a must in today’s internet world. Instagram is the new rising star so now is a great time to start a channel and help it grow fast.

Then marketing to your followers and grow your business.

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