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There has been times in the past few years that nothing was working the way I wanted it to.

I was creating products, doing all the social media stuff. Anything to move my business forward.

And during that time no sales were coming in..

Well non from social media.

What I have always been able to count on is my email list. Time and time again I would be able to send out a message and offer a product for sale.

And guess what?

I would get sales.

This has saved me many of times.

No I don’t want to rely on just one traffic source. That is why I am always working on find new sources. But the email list is always there.

So my number one marketing tool is my autoresponder.

Your list will keep you going in hard times. It’s the one traffic source that you can always count on.

Going back in time I wish I would have started my own autoresponder company. Because it’s the one tool that all marketers will pay every month.

There are other tools out there that I can live without. And some are easy to just drop for a few months and pick right backup.

But the autoresponder is something you need daily to communicate with your audience.

And years ago you were stuck with on provider because they would not let you export your list. Today, you can take your list and move it around to any provider.

The 2 autoresponder companies I use are and

For years I have used aweber, but I am working hard to move my lists over to activecampaign.

The reason is AC has more tools to work with.

An example is if I have a 5 day series that goes out when someone registers for my list. And in day 2 I want to send out a broadcast.

AC will let me do that but only to those that are not in automation.

With aweber my list could be getting 2-3 emails a day from me. Ones in automation and others on daily broadcast.

AC can also do a what/if, so at the end of 5 days if someone didn’t even open up your emails, then you can unsubscribe them from all your list. Because you only want those on your list who are interested in your offers.

So if you have a business and your not using an autoresponder to collect and communicate with your customers. Now is a great time to get started.

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