[HOT] The Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers


One of the best ways to make money online is to promote other products or services and make a commission on the sale.

But getting free website traffic sources for affiliate marketers can be the challenge.

I mean if nobody sees your content and then clicks on your affiliate link, then it’s going to be hard to make sales.

So in this quick post I want to give you the 10 free website traffic sources for affiliate marketers that have worked for years, and will continue to work.

Free Website Traffic Sources

1. Youtube

Youtube will always be your number one place of free website traffic sources because videos you create today will live on forever and can still generate free traffic for years to come.

The more videos you create the more traffic you will get. If your specific with a channel, like weight loss channel. And all your videos are around that niche, you will see amazing results.

Create a video with you talking in front of the camera or talking in front of powerpoint slides. Then post your affiliate link in the description of the video.

2. Facebook groups.

Your target audience, the people who would be interested in your product hang out in facebook groups. Do a search for your niche and you will find so many ready for you to join.

Join the groups and start to become active by posting valuable content. Then once in awhile post your affiliate link. If you’re active and creating value for others, most will not mind that you post your affiliate link once in awhile.

3. Blogging

Yes tried and true blogging is a great traffic sources for affiliate marketers. It’s been one of the best traffic sources for years because google loves them. It’s content for google and they will rank your blog posts for super targeted free traffic.

Start a free blog using wordpress on your own hosting. Sites like hostgator will be a great place to start. Then for the first 60 days post ONE piece of content every day.

This will jumpstart your blog and google will see you are serious about producing content. They will then reward you for it with free SEO traffic.

Inside your blog post have photos and your affiliate links inside. If your content if of high value then people will want to click on your links because you recommended them a service or product.

4. Reddit

A long time traffic sources for affiliate marketers but you have to do it right or the community will kick you out fast. Reddit is nothing different than facebook groups. As long as you’re giving value then you can post your affiliate links once in awhile.

But the cool thing is the content stays up, so people may read your comment years from now and still click on your affiliate links.

If posting on reddit has you freaking out, then head over to fiverr.com and see if you can find someone there that will post for you. Usually they will know how to post better than you could and it could be worth the $5.

5. Weebly

A great place to get a website up quickly without any technical skills. Just like with blogging you will have to create content that attracts people from the search engines.

Once people find your content, read it, like it, then they will click on your affiliate links and you can get free traffic and make money.

6. Tumblr

Yahoo purchased tumblr for $1 billion a few years ago because it has a ton of traffic and users.

I have found that tumblr works great with weight loss type offers. So if you are into that niche you can find great free website traffic sources.

Google also loves tumblr sites. So create content like you did with your blog and start becoming active. The more content you create for your Tumblr site, the more traffic you will get to your affiliate links.

7. Pinterest

This is an amazing place to post photos and memes with the ability to place an affiliate link in the descriptions. Just like youtube, and blogging, the content will live on forever and be searchable inside both pinterest and google search results.

Giving you a massive amounts of free traffic. If you have a fashion, fitness, or accessories affiliate links then pinterest will give you amazing high quality traffic.

It’s actually one of the best keep secrets out there.

8. Twitter

Yes twitter gives great free traffic to affiliate offers. But the trick to twitter is to automate it.

Search for twitter automation on google and then setup posts to go out every 2 hours. To make twitter work it must be flooded with content every 2 hours.

The twitter feed moves so fast that you want to keep putting new content at the top of your friends news feed. And the only way to really scale it, is to post every 2 hours.

9. Forums

Forums are the original place that people would get together and hangout. And they still work today. Many of the forums will let you place a signature file so every-time you post something your signature will show up.

Find a forum that is related to your niche. Then post amazing content giving value. And each time you post your signature will show up with a link to your affiliate offer.

If you want to make forums work you have to post at least 20 times a day. But the great thing is your posts will live on forever and bring you traffic years to come.

10. Instagram

Instagram takes time to build up but it’s totally worth it. When your account is growing you can ask people to click the link in your bio that will lead to your affiliate offer.

Instagram is one of the only places that can’t be automated, and the content really doesn’t live on forever. When you post you will get the most action on your photos in the first 3 hours. After that the traffic will trickle in.

I post on my @millionaire_advisor instagram account 3-4 times a day. And get in one post a day that tells people to click on my bio link. From my bio link they are taken to my affiliate link.

Don’t Freak Out

You might be thinking that all this stuff you have to do. If you create ONE blog post that can go a long way. The same blog post can turn into a video. That video can be posted on all the other social media, groups, and forums.

The same blog content can also be posted on weebly, and Tumblr.

So don’t freak out think you have to create all this stuff. Once video and one blog post can be posted on a lot of other websites….

And there ya go the top 10 FREE website traffic sources for affiliate marketers. If you take massive action you will see results. But if you just read this information and do nothing… Well then you will get nothing and not traffic to your affiliate links. Don’t let that happen.

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