Episode48 – How can I learn the basic computer skills that will help me?

Learning basic computer skills is something that you have to strive to get good at.

How can you do that?

By just doing, I know it’s not a solid answer but it’s the truth. The best way to learn basic computer skills, and the things you need to make money online is all done by doing.

Ok, I hear you, but Tyler I’m so new.

Then remember this…

Youtube is your friend!

Whenever I need to learn something, I got to Youtube and watch someone else perform what I need to learn.

So in combination of just doing stuff on the computer and watching youtube, you should start to get some good skills.

But Wait! Whatever you do, don’t waste your time with an online class. They will be a waste of your time and money. Everything you need to learn about basic skills will be on youtube.

Classroom settings are boring and that is not how we learn. Computer skills are hands on and not sitting in a class learning it.

Learn it, then do it.

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