Episode14 – How can I see my marketing results?

So you have been building up your content vaults with blogs posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posting.

But now you want to see if it’s all working.

I mean really, why waste all this time online if you can see if it will even work. Your end goal is to make money, your action should produce a result.

I got ya covered. If you want to see results then use a free tool by Google called Analytics.


Its free and will give you all kinds of data.

Why should I even care you ask?

Analytics will pull out the hot spots in your online marketing. If you have a blog post that is getting all the views, then you know to focus on that.

When you find the hot spots, just expand on them. Create more blog posts that are similar. Create more videos that deal with the hot topics.

When you do this, you will increase your overall traffic.

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