How do I get customers for my products?

Getting customers for your product is very simple. But let’s step back a bit.

I want you to first send your product to your family and friends. They will be the most honest and give you great feedback.

Like I said, getting customers is easy. But your product may suck. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Customers don’t buy crappy products. You know how I know?

I have created over 50 products and the first 24 sucked big time. How do I know?

Because no one purchased them.

So customers want quality products. Im sure you also want quality. But if you are in the product creation business you have to fail at a few before you make a good one.

When I mail out to my list a new product. I get 100 new sales instantly. Because I have customers who buy all my stuff now.

I say “now” because I had to go through some bad product creation days.

So if you want customers you have to create what customers want.

How do you find out what they want? Just keep creating until you find a winner.

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