Episode #70 – How do I get more YouTube views?

How do I get more YouTube views?

You have 2 options when it comes to getting more Youtube views.

The first is to buy the views from different places online.

And the second is to let the natural search take over.

So the first, buying views. I never recommend this for 2 important reasons. Number one is Youtube will see that the views are not real and will delete your account very fast. Number two is the views will not be from quality people.

Why have people watch your videos who are not interested in your products or services?

The best way to get views is to first have a quality video, with tons of value. And to setup the text, headline, tags, description with information to help google rank your video.

Since Google owns Youtube your video will always rank higher in the search results over other non youtube sites.

So if you setup your video information the right way, then google will be able to give you good placements in the search results.

The natural way of letting the internet grab your video and spread it out, is always going to win in the end.

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