Episode33 – How do you come up with content for your emails?

Going back hundreds and even thousands of years storytelling has been one of the best forms of communication. And it still is today.

So the content I get for my emails are from stories of my life. Things in my life that happen on a daily basis. This is how I get the content.

What is happening in your life? People want to know this, and people want to hear from you. Your stories will pull people into your emails and get them to take action.

If all the emails are marketing and trying to sell, then everyone will unsubscribe and the list will go down to nothing.

When I sit down to write an email I just think of stuff happening in my life and how I can relate that to what I am trying to get others to take action on.

You may think to yourself that you have no stories, but you actually do, if you sit down and think about them.

Take a piece of paper and write down 50 headlines of things you did in the past 4 weeks. Don’t worry about the content. Just give a quick headline of the story in your life.

After you get a list like this, then you can use this for your email. Just expand on it, and try and make it work with your product or service.

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