How to 10x Your Social Media Marketing Like Pro

If you are like me you might be saying “Oh I hate social media”

And believe me, I felt the same way.

But I had to give in and start to get my social media marketing rolling.

To be good at it, you have be all over social media, and all over it all the time.

So when do we have time to run our business if we are all over social media?

We use tools…

If you want to 10x your social media marketing efforts.    Jump on a super cool tool called hootsuite.

They will take your content and post it for you on all the social media channels.

Take all your old content, videos, blog posts, articles, and put it into a calendar.

Then just take that same content and repost it over and over.

Oh, don’t worry, people are so busy with there own lives they don’t have time to think about if you posted this content before.

When you repost all your content, on a schedule, you can then be all over place.

And this makes you look like your a social media marketing monster.

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