Episode51 – How to build your traffic buying muscle?

Just like going to the gym a couple times a week to work your muscles. You should also be buying traffic each week to keep those muscles also growing.

There are a few traffic sources that I like to use. Solo ads, bing, revshare, and trafficforme,. These are the things I like to spend my money on each week.

Now if you limited funds, I understand. But you can still buy a $50 solo ad each week. Or setup a new Bing ad campaign each week.

If you are inside of a good revshare then you should be buying new ad packs each day.

It’s a must to be consistent buying traffic. Sure it can get hard when you are spending and not getting anything in return. But if you are growing a list, that list will start to pay off soon enough.

I go to the gym at least 4 days out of the week. And if I miss at least 4 days then I get angry with myself. Because I know I have to keep working the muscles to stay fit.

Traffic buying is no different. It has to be done to continue growing. If you are not doing the things to grow your business then you are not in business.

So don’t just make this online stuff a hobby. Make it a real business and do the things that will make your business profitable.

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