How to discover what our markets biggest pain points are

Your in the business of solving problems. Well that is if you want to be in business.

All businesses both online and offline solve problems people have. So you as the online marketer need to figure out the major pain points your customers have.

And there are 2 ways you can do this.

One is to just send out an email to your list and ask “what are you biggest challenges…” Then insert your niche.

So “what are you biggest challenges with online marketing…” “what are your biggest challenges with trying to lose weight”

When you send out an email to your list you should be back a few responses.

The other option is to put a text box on your squeeze page that lets people enter information about their challenges. On your squeeze page you will have name, email, and a place someone can enter in text.

You can either make this mandatory, or not. But whatI have found that your conversions will go way down if make people enter in information.

Now when you get back this data both from your subscribers and data from the squeeze page.

You know exactly what the pain points are and now you can create products that will solve those problems.

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