Episode50 – How to find a good offer to promote?

Finding a good offer to promote is simple. It really is. But finding one that converts is the tricky part. And the only way you will find out is to just start driving traffic to an offer and see what happens.

The bigger the offer with the most competition will always be the best offer to promote. Yes competition is good. The more the competition the more the buyer’s.

If you are inside the marketplace of clickbank.com then look for high gravity offers. Those are always going to be the ones that will convert the best. So if you see a gravity in the 200’s then jump all over that.

When you are inside your CPA network look for both conversion % and EPC’s. A high conversion % means the sales page is converting good, and that means your traffic will have a better chance of converting.

Also look for high EPC’s. This means the amount of money is higher based on the clicks.

When you are inside your affiliate network you may see “Visitor Value”. The higher the $ amount the better.

So just find the a hot offer and get to work driving traffic to it.

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