How To Generate 100 Fresh Leads From Facebook Without Any Marketing Skills


Do you want to generate 100 fresh leads per week using Facebook?

Do you want to generate these leads without any technical or marketing skills?

I mean duh, who wouldn’t huh?

Well I want to show you how you can do this week after week, and do it inside any industry.

So that means your business can generate quality leads over and over.

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But first let me warn you, this is some crazy ninja stuff that no on is teaching you.

“Ok while we are on the subject of what others are not teaching”

Lets look at what 99% of the business owners out there are doing.

They drive traffic to a landing page, then an email goes out, and then the person gets redirected to a webinar.

Or Traffic goes to a lead magnet page, then on to a sales page.

Have you tried these?

Or Worse, are you doing this now?

How is it working?

Im sure not that good. So lets change things up a bit.

But first if you are doing the typical Funnel Marketing.  Then you are only hitting 20% of your potential customers.

Lets take a look…

My Traffic Light Formula for lead generation works like this…

Red light, Yellow light and Green light.

Red light

This is people who are stopped in their car, there is only about 15 seconds and they are off again.

These are the people surfing around on facebook liking, sharing, and watching videos. They don’t care about you.

I know that may hurt, but again they are stopped and want to get going again. They are not interested in your offers.

In fact they don’t even know they have a problem. Yet.

But you are going to change things up from typical marketing.

Your going to instead of putting up an add on facebook to your webinar, your going to send people to an article.

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An article just like this one. ( Surprise you are at the Stop Light)

You noticed an add I put up, it sparked your interest and you clicked on it. But before that point you were not even thinking about lead generation or even me.

Im ok with it. You don’t even know me or give a flying flip who I am. And that is ok.

The Yellow Light

People are more cautious going through the yellow light, but are happy they can keep on driving.

So you the marketer get to retargeted this crowd with a Lead Magnet.


Well because now the person knows a bit more about you since they read your article. So when they see an ad for your lead magnet they are more likely to click and enter there information.

This creates amazing conversions and way cheaper ad spend then other marketers doing it all wrong.

The yellow light people know you a bit more and will want to get more information from you.

How do we do this? Retargeting.

Ok, Ok, here is the real deal. Since you are reading this article I will now start to show you ads for my Amazing Lead Magnet.


Because you have show interest to this article and now I can hopefully lead you into some more information. wink, wink…

I told you these are some ninja tactics.

But if you want to grow your business to 7 figures, then you need to jump on the bandwagon of others who are crushing it online.

Now we come to the…

Green Light…

These people know they have a huge problem and are racing through the light to get there.

Now, finally, you can introduce your webinar. And Now finally people will show up for it.

Why because they have consumed your article, consumed your lead magnet and now are ready to go in depth even more.

Lets recap a bit.

The Red Light people are sent to your article. This will be quick, solving ONE big problem. And then drop a retargeting pixel on that page.

The Yellow Light people will see another ad for your Lead Magnet. Your lead magnet will be an expansion on the ONE big problem. And with email follow up.

Your Green Light people are then given the opportunity to join your webinar. On the webinar an expansion of the ONE big problem with more How To’s. And you present your offer to the Green light people.

Never, Ever sell to the Red light and Yellow light people. Only inform them.

Your offer, product, or service always come in for the Green light crowd.

So that is it, the Traffic Light Formula. Its powerful and will turn you into a super crazy good lead generation machine.

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