How to generate more leads with low ticket products

If you are getting leads online and no one is buying anything from you or joining your team. Then I want to suggest you create a low ticket product and charge anywhere between $1 – $7

When you have a low ticket offer and people are buying from you. You now have a way better lead and someone how might want to purchase big ticket items you have in your funnel.

Giving away a lead magnet for free is one way to get leads. But I would much rather have a buyer on my list. For ever 100 free leads you get will be the same as having 1 buyer.

Here is how to setup it up. Find one Big problem or challenge that someone has in your niche. If you dont know, email your list or go to a forum and ask people there.

When you do find a big challenge then write out 10 ways you can overcome that challenge on a piece of paper.

Now record on audio as much information as you can about that topic. Go through each of the 10 that fix that One Big problem.

Put this recording in a place on your wordpress blog that no one can get to from your mail page. Then write out a simple sales letter.

Write out a headline “Discover the Secrets to [the big challenge here]. Next ask the same questions. “Do you struggle with [the big problem]”

Tell a story about how you overcome the same challenge.

Then say, “Would you like to know how I overcame [the big problem]?

But a buy now button to your paypal.

Done, your low ticket products is up and ready to generate leads.

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