How To Get Big Ticket Clients With Facebook Ads

I am sure you have noticed there is A LOT of noise online about getting clients. I think every second newsfeed post on FB has something to do with getting more clients.

But the problem with getting more clients is the simple fact that not every idea works and not every idea will work for YOU!

You can’t try every single strategy that comes your way when it comes to getting more clients or you’d end up totally broke.

I know – I tried almost every tool, method, ninja trick and strategy for trying to get more clients for my coaching business…

Next thing you know – I was $55k in debt making $15k a month and spending about $17k a month!

Not good math…

But that’s the problem right now online..

There are SO MANY ideas for getting clients, getting leads, getting webinar registrations, getting strategy sessions and newsletter subscribers that it is crazy.

Not only that – MOST of the strategies are not scalable and will not work for long periods of time.

So what is the solution?


Five years ago I was doing about 25 things in my business to get more clients.

And it did NOT work… In fact, the more I did – the harder things got and the less profit I made.

I worked harder and hard to make less and less.

Not only that – I was getting more and more overwhelmed as time went along.

Then I simplified EVERYTHING. And things took off.

Same for you…

There is a super simple formula that is working right now to “short cut” the process for getting big ticket clients to get on your calendar FAST and move forward with you.

It’s 3 steps.

And the good news is – these 3 steps are probably NOT going to change for a really really long time.

Can you master 3 simple things?


Even if you hate technology, suck at getting traffic & never want to SELL a prospective client into your coaching…

It works…

So, click the the link below and lets book in a strategy session so I can show you the simple short cut formula for getting clients FAST without all the technology, overwhelm and frustration of doing 14 different things:

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