How to get more Likes on your Facebook Fanpage

You spent all morning coming up with a great piece of content, you post it on your fanpage, wait a few hours and nothing.

Then you wait a few days, nothing.

No likes, no engagement, nothing.

It can become depressing.

So how do you get more likes and engagement with your fanpage.

Well the reality in today’s 2017 facebook world is you pay for it.

It sucks I know, but a few years ago you could get almost 90% organic engagement. Facebook needed to start making some money, so they cut that party off.

But what if you don’t want to pay to boost a post, or pay a like campaign?

Then your next option is to guerrilla marketing.

5 Post a day, everyday, for the rest of your life.

Ok that may be a little dramatic, but that’s how it’s done now.

If you are using your fanpage to build up to make money with your business, then that is how it’s got to be.

Or unless you have an endless amounts of cash to spend on facebook ads.

But as an entrepreneur I’m sure you don’t have that much money laying around. You need to bootstrap your success and guerilla marketing is the way to get FREE organic traffic.

So let me help you out a bit here.

It’s possible to be all over social media, all the time.

If you truly want to 10x your marketing online, then use website called buffer.

Search on google for it.

This little system will let you take your content and post it over and over.

That means you can spend 30 days of creating content and then just post it over and over.

Social media post only have a lifespan of a couple of hours, so people are not going to remember the content you posted 30 days ago.

When you post consistently you start to get the organic reach with likes and engagement you are looking for.

Give it a try, and let me know how your journey is going.

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