How To Get Your First 100 Leads Using Facebook Marketing

The other day I was surfing around on my facebook page and my new feed was filled with the usual stuff.

“Join my new company lets make $X,XXX”

“New opportunity just launched, click here”

“Look at my new sports car, lets make big money together”

Blah, Blah, Blah

Dont be that guy, ok…

Facebook marketing is so simple and why people feel the need to think its one big classified board is beyond me.

The social media giant is one big social party.

And would you go into a party and the first thing you do is start handing out your business card and telling everyone “lets make big money”


You would be casual, and get to know people.

The same is true with facebook marketing.

Give value to others and watch as your lead count will go up and up.

Videos, stories, free articles or blogs.

Value, Value, Value before you ask for someone to click your link.

Post a video on youtube and post your link.  Take the same video and post it on facebook.

Take the same video and post in on your blog, then post the blog link on your facebook wall.

This gives tons of value first and then people will naturally want to get more information from you.

So make sure your facebook marketing is done right, with value first.

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