How to give away your best stuff and still make sales

You may be thinking why should I give away my best stuff? If I give it away then no on is going to buy my products or services.

The first thing you have to start thinking about when trying to get a business online off the ground is becoming the expert in your field.

And the only way you can lets others know you are the expert is to give away your best content.

People need to know and trust the person they are going to work with is the right person. And that means you cant focus on making a sale, but focus on creating value.

Sure I get it, you want to make money. But you have trade value for money. That takes creating something of value and giving it away.

No im not saying you need to just give away everything and not ask for a sale. Im just saying if you want to make more sales become the expert.

A good way to see this is if you have a program that teaches 7 ways to generate more online leads. Give away 1 of the 7 and then ask for the sale to unlock the other 6.

Or you could offer a 10 min coaching call, and then say “if you want more time you have to pay for that”

Becoming the expert in your field is going to take some time. And that is going to giving away alot of your best stuff so then people will want to buy everything else you have.

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