How To Grow Your Email List To 1,000 In 7 Days


Whenever I have a new product or service that I create. The first place I send the information to is my email list.

If my list buys it and loves it, then it’s a hit. I can then scale the product up.

If my list doesn’t buy and it bombs, then I either need to rework the product or cancel it.

Either way, I make out great.

But to test a product, and really make big money online it’s a must to have an email list.

And not just any old email list, one that is targeted to your niche.

Yet the question I get the most is “how can I build my list and fast?”

I enjoy questions like that. Because those are the questions you should be asking. Those are the questions that will drive your business forward.

So the answer to the question comes in 3 steps. If you want to build an email list from scratch and do it fast. Then this is the best way to do it.

1. Research your target audience. The first step is to find out what your target audience is made up of. Are they male, female, what is their age, what do they like, what is there education level, are they married, do they have kids.

These are the questions you want to ask about your audience. When you get the answers, you get a super targeted group of people. This group is who you will want to get in front of with your giveaway we will talk about next.

Your target audience also has struggles and frustrations. Find out both. They also consume information such as magazines, websites, or even tv shows. When you get dialed into this kind of data, you can speak to your audience directly.

2. Offer a giveaway. Put together something of high value you can give away in exchange for an email address. This can be a report, cheat sheet, guide, resource or anything that will help your audience solve ONE problem.

Notice I said ONE. This is not the place for a huge list or a report that is 100 pages long. One challenge, and One solution. That is what your giveaway will be about.

You might think that the more you give away the better the lead you get. But when you try and solve more than ONE thing, you just confuse people. And this is your first connection with someone new and it’s important that you start off right.

Once you have your giveaway, that can be consumed in less than 5 minutes, your next part is setting up a landing page to collect an email. Your giveaway is the bribe to get an email, so it has to be of HIGH VALUE.

You have a couple options when it comes to landing pages.,, are both really good and simple to use.

My favorite is setting up a blog using WordPress and adding thrive theme. Thrive theme is a plugin that has landing page templates you can install and have ready to collect emails in less than 10 minutes.

Once your landing page is up, the next part is to connect it to your autoresponder. My choice is,. This service is simple to use, and they will send out your emails for you.

Setup an account put in your first welcome email, and then send your new lead to your download page.

3. Drive traffic from Facebook to your giveaway page. The last step is getting your target audience to your giveaway page. Since you spent the time to figure out your target audience. This last part is the super simple.

Create a Facebook ad using the manager. The ad will target only the group of people you picked out in part 1.

This group is highly targeted and will be very interested in your ONE big challenge solution giveaway.

If you want to build your email fast. This is the best way. Since Facebook has the most targeted ad system, it makes sense to use it to build your list.

Now get out there and make it happen!

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