How To Increase Website Traffic For Free


Ok so you want to learn how to increase website traffic for free and that will turn into more sales and profits, right?

When you increase the website traffic to your website, everything in life just seems to get better.

More sales, more profits, happy family, life it good.

But how to increase website traffic for free is the key here.

And the best way is to just change a few things on your website to help the search engines rank you better.

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting one of your pieces of content on page one of Google for a high traffic keyword. Well, let me just say from experience that it’s amazing.

I had one of my blog post on page one for the keyword mlm leads and the traffic that came from that one keyword was crazy good.

All it takes is just one keyword on your website to hit, and you’re set for getting tons of free traffic.

So the best place to start is when you create content, create it around one keyword. If you’re not familiar with keywords then go over the keyword planner tool from Google. Just google it.

But I will tell you as an example I am targeting this keyword in this article. “how to increase website traffic for free”

Now you might look at it and say that’s not a keyword, that’s 7 words together. But in the world of website traffic, that is a keyword.

And it’s a long tail keyword also, so there is less competition.

Once you get the keyword you want in place, it’s time to set all your data points on your content.

The title must have the keyword in it. The first paragraph needs to have the keyword inside.

If you place an image on the page, the alt text of the image needs to have the keyword.

Why do you have to do all this? Because the search engines will come to your website, look it over, and then decide how they ware going to rank in the search results.

If your keyword has low competition, then you may jump right up to page one and get free traffic coming in right away.

This may seem a lot to take in and there is a great tool to help you out. I’m sure you’re using WordPress, and the best plugin is called “Yoast SEO”.

Once you install yoast, it will give you directions on how to improve the content to help with how to increase website traffic for free.

You see I used the keyword a few times. Because I want to make sure the search engines know what exactly this content is all about.

So now is your time to start attracting more free website traffic to your website.

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