How To Make Money Blogging In 3 Simple Steps


Recently when I was at a networking meeting and people would see my blog the one question would always come up, how to make money blogging. Or how can I make money blogging.

How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging started off on the internet as a way for people to just journaling their journey. It could be their online journey or their offline journey.

The question of how to make money blogging never came up. It was just put up a blog and journal our journey in life.

But then Google came along and started to give blogging, and content in general top spaces inside the search engine results.

This would bring in a lot of FREE website traffic.

Then came along adsense. This was Google’s way of letting people make a few bucks here and there with their blog traffic.

But how to make money blogging with adsense is not the question people should be asking themselves. Adsense is, well does not pay out that much.

So how to make money blogging is simply getting a blogging platform online and start typing away on your keyboard. Yes over the years it’s grow bigger than just journaling each day. But it still has it’s core principles.

Step #1 How To Make Money Blogging-  Setup a WordPress blog on your own hosting account.

Don’t put up a blog on a free website like You don’t own the content, and I would hate to see you spend a year writing content and wordpress delete your account.

Setup a wordpress blog using hosting like hostgator. It’s simple to setup, and it’s super simple to install wordpress.

If you get stuck setting this up, then search on youtube “how to setup wordpress on hostgator”

Step #2 How To Make Money Blogging – Daily and I mean Daily content creation for your new blog.

Everyone has to start someplace and if you want to learn how to make money blogging then it starts with a daily discipline in writing content.

It’s just the way it is. Google loves fresh new content, and the more you give to Google, the more they will give back in FREE traffic.

And not just any content. Content around keywords people are searching for. Your content should have one keyword that you write all your content around.

This blog post that I am writing has this keyword in it. “how to make money blogging”

The way I find these keywords is to look at the bottom of google search and see the suggested search box. There you can find good keywords to write your content around.

Just building a website and hoping they will come is not going to happen.

If you are serious about how to make money blogging then you will write content daily for your blog, no matter what your mind, or anyone else tells you.

Step #3 How To Make Money Blogging – Find offers you can promote inside your blog content and sidebar.

Ok, how to make money blogging is all about writing content and adding some links to affiliate offers.

Example would be writing an article about setting up a blog using hostgator. Hostgator offers those that send them traffic a percentage of each sale.

They offer an affiliate program that pays you for each referral you bring to them.

And hostgator is just one of thousands of companies that will send you a referral fee when you refer others.

This can be done with your content. The more content you put out there, and the more referrals links you have in your content. The more money you will be making.

And that is how to make money blogging in 3 simple steps.

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