How To Make Money Even While Your On Vacation

The “Holly Grail” of making money is doing it while your on vacation.

I mean, imagine you are stuck on a cruise ship for 7 days with nothing but sun and fruity drinks.

No internet connection, and no computer.

But your still making money.

Is it possible?

Yes, and its called using an email autoresponder.

While you are cruising your email autoresponder will be doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Email marketing is one simple step away.

While I take time off with my family my email system is working overtime for me.

And the 2 tools I like to use for email marketing is and activecampaign. com

Both work great and both have pros and cons.

I really like aweber because of the simple nature of it.  But I don’t like the price.

Activecampaign is super simple and has alot more tools, like tags and if/then setups.

But Im still not sure the open rate on AC is as good.  (still testing this)

If making money while your on vacation is something for you.

Then get a landing page, collect an email, give some amazing value, and let your autoresponder do all the follow up for you.


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