Episode28 – How to make money quickly and easily?

I was reading just now about the new movie coming out about the life of Steve Jobs. And I got to thinking. When apple creates a new product and sells Billions each year…

Who do you think is buying these new products?

It’s not some new crop of people who never heard of Apple before.

The people buying Apple products are existing customers. Apple had to build up over years that customer base. But now they can create some entirely new product, and sell it to existing customers and make even more Billions.

So If you understand this then you will realize that there is no such thing as Make Money Quick.

It does not exist. I really do hate to burst your bubble. No push button riches.

But I will give you the closest thing to push button riches.

Build a customer base and then create new products and sell to that base.

That is as close to Quick Money Making as you’re going to get.

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